About Us

BINU's founder So Jeong Lee, a Korean sculptor and newly inventive soap-maker, first introduced her artistic hand-made natural soaps at the Festival Marketplace in Pompano Beach, Florida in 2009. Most customers stand, intrigued by the sight of something so practical, yet so beautiful. Somewhat 'museum-like' in their stature and gaze, BINU's customers are first introduced by the delightful invitation to 'pick them up and smell them, or by the proud disclaimer that they're wonderful for your skin. So Jeong is simply trying to create a brand that accentuates beauty through artistic means. She seems to be onto to something different, as customers realize that everything from her choice of scents, colors and selective packaging is embedded in her soaps.

BINU made it's New York debut at NYIGF- New York's Newest in 2010. Natural soaps have never looked so beautiful. Made with natural essential oils, goat's milk, jojoba oils and other fine ingredients; 'BINU' is simply ... 'Soap' (in Korean), smirks the artist. Yet, unique in a way that doesn't claim to be made with recycled bio-fuels or even indigenous flowers from Provence (myth that the finest soaps must come from France). BINU is simply ... 'too pretty to use', winks the Soap-maker /Artist.